The Art of Self-Empowerment
The Art of Self-Empowerment
Joe Hehn

Welcome to The Art of Self-Empowerment

Elevate Personal & Professional Development by Mastering Your Mindset, Beliefs, Thoughts & Emotions

Is this for You?

Imagine this...

Your morning alarm goes off and you smile. Sunshine pours through the windows and you FEEL empowered with your healthy mindset. You can't help but smirk at the utter lack of anxiety for everything you need to get done, that doesn't happen anymore. 

Instead you feel excited for what lies ahead. You're grateful for being who you are and living your life! (Like realllllly grateful!)

You jump out of bed, chug some water then settle in for your morning meditation. It's a thrill – it's not hard, it's not tedious, it's like a massage of the mind.

Breakfast is a delight, because your life is FULL of flavor!

You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror after getting ready for work and you actually look BETTER than how you FEEL. You actually wink and smirk at yourself then laugh at the crazy.

You've got pep in your step and you're honestly looking forward to work – SAY WHAT?!?!

Yes, because you feel that you serve a purpose, you FEEL fulfilled each and every day, you make great money, and people are constantly telling you how good you are at your job annnnd... they love your vibe.

"Nothing... like, gets you upset, you're always so happy and never triggered. It's almost strange – I want what you have."

You're constantly noticing these weird coincidental events that happen all throughout your day – they make you feel ALIVE. It's kinda like you're the main character in one of those funny, feel good movies.

It's as if you're dialed into something MUCH bigger than yourself.

The right people come into your life ALL the time, at just the right time. It's weird but you wouldn't have it any other way. Like a dream puzzle coming together with the snap of the last piece, things always seem to work out perfectly for you.

You're debt FREE, have a healthy savings, an awesome house, ideal lifestyle, and plenty of YOU time... and all without the hassle of working yourself to death.

You haven't felt this confident, successful, charming and hot damn you look freakin sexy too! You're always catching handsome and beautiful people checking you out. Oh yeah, and you can just tell they're wondering what you do for work and what you know, that they don't.

They can see it in your smile – you figured it out.

People are always telling you you're so interesting because you "see" things so differently – it makes them feel hopeful.

Friends rely on your advice, the people you work with NEED you cuz your the glue keeping all the personalities from killing one another, and your family adores you because you embody dedication and love.

You crush your goals and feel like an unstoppable force of prosperity and success. It's almost not fair – but you love a good challenge.

You're guided from within, you think clearly and without regret, stress, shame, or anger.

You've finally discovered the secret to life and success.

It was there all along – you just never knew where to look.

Life wasn't always this way, actually life was a whole lot different until you learned how to control your mind, center your heart on gratitude, and respond to life with choice instead of fear.

You haven't looked back ever since mastering your mindset and strengthening your connection to something bigger than yourself.

It's indescribable – so much so that you're teaching your loved ones the secrets so that they too can know the happiness and fulfillment you realize each and every day.

It's been a long but radiant day. You close your journal, still experiencing a bit of zest from the prosperous day, and settle into your evening meditation.

You've never slept this good.

Now... imagine this being you in the VERY near future.

But you need to start today, and I can show you the way.

You deserve to know this kind of life – your future you is grateful for you finally putting yourself first.

Let's get started - Put. Yourself. First. and sign up today!

Why You Should Join Us

This membership is perfect for someone looking for very exact guidance on how to transform their Life. It's as simple as that.

You have EVERYTHING you need to experience a major shift in your life and with it comes peace, purpose, fulfillment, abundance & self-love. It's a matter of knowing how to use what you've got in order to overcome your blocks, quit settling for an unfulfilled life & experience the kind of life you desire!

You'll feel good about waking up and getting after your day. You'll feel grateful for the life you've created for yourself. You'll be able to successfully manifest love, financial abundance, the quality of lifestyle you deserve, and a deep connection to spirit.

This is for anyone looking to experience a MAJOR shift in Life, someone who needs a bit of direction, can hold themselves accountable, and who is ready to learn their power & create a life they're proud of!

Ideal Candidate – This membership is tailor made for Beginner to Advanced level students looking to: 

  • Elevate their Mindset, Self-Worth & Value by eliminating Limiting Beliefs about yourself.
  • Establish Habits & Patterns which allow them to Achieve both Personal & Professional Goals!
  • Rid themselves of Trauma, Blocks & Obstacles.
    Reprogram their thinking Mind & Release Negative Thoughts & Emotions.
  • Establish a firm grasp of Spiritual Living, Mindfulness & Meditation so as to attain Peace & Self-Love.
  • Become a Master at Manifestation! (Manifest Love, Financial Security, Dream Job, Ideal Lifestyle, etc.)
  • Comfortable holding themselves accountable, working in LIVE Group settings, and ready to put some time in to experience their very own Transformation!

How is this done?

Joe is a masterful mentor with a keen insight on the character of the thinking mind. He knows exactly where the problem lies and will help you find it, eliminate it, and plant something beautiful in its place.

Through the Manifesting Mindset you'll have access to: 

  • Joe's Spiritual, Mindset & Manifesting Masterclass – 44 Videos & 20 Assignments ($497 Value)
  • Multiple Courses: Manifesting Love, Deep Meditation, Manifesting Money (Coming soon at no Extra Cost to You!)
  • Bi-weekly Live Calls (Live Coaching with Joe!)
  • Q & A's & Hot-seat Coaching
  • Exclusively Produced Content for Members (Guided Visualizations & Meditations & Tons of Topic Related Content)
  • Requests encouraged! Request the topics & content You NEED!
  • (Great Courses – LIVE Coaching – Discounted Services – Guided Meditations – Weekly Articles – Amazing Mindset & Manifestation Tools & Techniques – Emotional Healing – Chat with Joe!)

Are You Ready?

Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Is there a minimum commitment requirement for the monthly membership? (Yes. 3 month commitment. Nothing for the annual.)
  2. Can we request content or topics from Joe? (Yes you can! And he will do his best to create the desired request in a timely manner if possible.)
  3. Is all the content and the courses exclusive to this membership? (Yes! Nothing on this platform exists outside of it and it's exclusive for YOU!)
  4. Will Joe be adding NEW content every week? (YES! And a bunch of it!)
  5. Will the membership cost gradually rise over time with Joe uploading weekly, exclusive content? (Yes the membership monthly rate will increase over time but not for you! Not if you lock in your subscription with a month to month or annual membership. All additional content (within the basic membership) is guaranteed at your introductory membership price.)
  6. Can I make my way through one of Joe's courses multiple times? (Absolutely!)
  7. Can I watch the videos with a friend? (Why not! Who's going to know and Joe loves when we learn together!)
  8. What if I want a personalized, very hands on coaching style instead? Then Joe's Mentorship would be a much better fit for you, email Joe here to apply: [email protected] 
  9. Will a lot of things begin to change for me? If you make the investment in yourself then absolutely! EVERYTHING in your life will begin to improve, even the stuff that's already good because it will get even better!