Enlightened Evolution with Joe Hehn
Enlightened Evolution with Joe Hehn
Joe Hehn

Welcome to Enlightened Evolution with Joe Hehn

Elevate Your Mindset, Connect to Spirit & Manifest Your Dream Life!

Is this for You?

Hey there Friend,

I want to congratulate you for taking a major step in transforming your Life – you should be proud of yourself for coming this far. The decision to change your life is the hardest part of any journey. And it’s already behind you.

Well done!

I know that you're here because you want to connect to your Spiritual side on a deeper level as well as become a Master at Mindset and Manifestation. Using various Spiritual techniques and practices, releasing attachment, and learning how to use the law of attraction, we'll empower you to attract the reality and Life of your Dreams. And we'll do ALL this together!

It breaks my heart hearing this frustration from others, when they don't feel a connection to Spirit, can't find their Life's Purpose, or the Motivation  they need to make a change.

"I feel like I've missed out or that I haven't discovered what I'm supposed to do with my Life."


"I don't have any direction and I'm sick of settling for an unfulfilled life, I want more out of life and I'm ready to fight for something more."

Many of my potential students cannot Manifest everything they want – or even worse, nothing at all.

“It just doesn’t work for me.”


“It works sometimes, like with small stuff but never with (love/money/house/job)”

And suffering from depression, constant anxiety, and an endless stream of toxic thoughts is a common occurrence. But with an endless array of spiritual, mindset & manifestation practices, defined steps, and education we can completely transform your mind and therefore Life.

If you’re experiencing similar frustrations - I'm going to be real with you... Although it may be the most wonderful challenge of your entire life, we CAN & WILL Change All That and help you connect on a Deeper Level, Elevate your Mindset & Manifest Your Dreams. 

Manifestation IS working for you because the Universe has delivered you HERE – right to where EVERYTHING changes. 

You wouldn’t be here if this membership wasn’t the next step in your Evolution. You’ve been broadcasting a message that you need help and therefore attracting a Solution. Well, here it is. 

If you're ready to put yourself first, fight for the life you truly desire, and dedicate yourself to doing what it takes to experience a MAJOR transformation, then Buckle Up!

Because once you experience a taste of what's to come, you’ll never look back and you’ll always be grateful for putting yourself first, fighting for your dreams & investing in your self-love & worth!

Why You Should Join Us

This membership is perfect for someone looking for very exact guidance on how to transform their Life. It's as simple as that.

You have EVERYTHING you need to experience a major shift in your life and with it comes peace, purpose, fulfillment, abundance & self-love. It's a matter of knowing how to use what you've got in order to overcome your blocks, quit settling for an unfulfilled life & experience the kind of life you desire!

You'll feel good about waking up and getting after your day. You'll feel grateful for the life you've created for yourself. You'll be able to successfully manifest love, financial abundance, the quality of lifestyle you deserve, and a deep connection to spirit.

This is for anyone looking to experience a MAJOR shift in Life, someone who needs a bit of direction, can hold themselves accountable, and who is ready to learn their power & create a life they're proud of!

Ideal Candidate – This membership is tailor made for Beginner to Advanced level students looking to: 

  • Elevate their Mindset, Self-Worth & Value by eliminating Limiting Beliefs about yourself.
  • Establish Habits & Patterns which allow them to Achieve both Personal & Professional Goals!
  • Rid themselves of Trauma, Blocks & Obstacles.
    Reprogram their thinking Mind & Release Negative Thoughts & Emotions.
  • Establish a firm grasp of Spiritual Living, Mindfulness & Meditation so as to attain Peace & Self-Love.
  • Become a Master at Manifestation! (Manifest Love, Financial Security, Dream Job, Ideal Lifestyle, etc.)
  • Comfortable holding themselves accountable, working in LIVE Group settings, and ready to put some time in to experience their very own Transformation!

How is this done?

Joe is a masterful mentor with a keen insight on the character of the thinking mind. He knows exactly where the problem lies and will help you find it, eliminate it, and plant something beautiful in its place.

Through the Manifesting Mindset you'll have access to: 

  • Joe's Spiritual, Mindset & Manifesting Masterclass – 44 Videos & 20 Assignments ($497 Value)
  • Multiple Courses: Manifesting Love, Deep Meditation, Manifesting Money (Coming soon at no Extra Cost to You!)
  • Bi-weekly Live Calls (Live Coaching with Joe!)
  • Q & A's & Hot-seat Coaching
  • Exclusively Produced Content for Members (Guided Visualizations & Meditations & Tons of Topic Related Content)
  • Requests encouraged! Request the topics & content You NEED!

Are You Ready?

Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Is there a minimum commitment requirement for the monthly membership? (Yes. 3 month commitment. Nothing for the annual.)
  2. Can we request content or topics from Joe? (Yes you can! And he will do his best to create the desired request in a timely manner if possible.)
  3. Is all the content and the courses exclusive to this membership? (Yes! Nothing on this platform exists outside of it and it's exclusive for YOU!)
  4. Will Joe be adding NEW content every week? (YES! And a bunch of it!)
  5. Will the membership cost gradually rise over time with Joe uploading weekly, exclusive content? (Yes the membership monthly rate will increase over time but not for you! Not if you lock in your subscription with a month to month or annual membership. All additional content (within the basic membership) is guaranteed at your introductory membership price.)
  6. Can I make my way through one of Joe's courses multiple times? (Absolutely!)
  7. Can I watch the videos with a friend? (Why not! Who's going to know and Joe loves when we learn together!)
  8. What if I want a personalized, very hands on coaching style instead? Then Joe's 12 Week Mentorship would be a much better fit for you, email Joe here to apply: [email protected] 
  9. Will a lot of things begin to change for me? If you make the investment in yourself then absolutely! EVERYTHING in your life will begin to improve, even the stuff that's already good because it will get even better!
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